Making a difference

I just read a great book–Making a Difference by Captain Sully Sullenberger who landed the jet on the Hudson River a few years back. It is about various leaders in this country. I would like to share what he put in the back of the book, on page 311, as it concurs with many of my points of view and approaches to Life Coaching. He calls this list, the “Core Qualities of Leadership”:

  • Well-defined core values
  • Willingness to lead by example
  • Courage to make decisions and act upon them
  • Continuous self-improvement and learning
  • Respect for others
  • Realistic optimism
  • Congruency of words and actions
  • Mentoring rather than disciplining
  • Maintaining a long-term perspective
  • Nurturing other leaders
  • Working for the greater good
  • Having clear priorities and focusing on what is important
  • Ability to learn from failures and move on
  • Trust in their own judgment but willingness to listen to others
  • Setting high expectations and striving to meet them
  • Creating an environment in which everyone can do their best work
  • Creating a culture of trust and cooperation
  • Creating a shared sense of responsibility for the outcome
  • Ensuring everyone in the organization experiences their own success and knows that their work matters

In my sessions with a client, we begin with locating and naming one’s core values. Whether you are a grandmother who cares for children or a student seeking direction, it is helpful to verbalize your core values. You may not really be aware of them until you have a discussion or dialogue about them. Sometimes speaking them is powerful. It does not matter whether you are leading a major corporation or creating the home environment. Everyone is a leader of one’s own life.

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