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Peggy has been a trainer, an educator, and a social worker for more than 25 years, serving the Michigan Public School system, private tutoring for online education in Florida, and for numerous tutoring and training agencies. She has several life-long teacher certifications in elementary/middle school, K-12 and bilingual education. Peggy earned her Master’s degree in Social Work. In addition, she is fluent in Spanish, speaks some French, and attended Master’s level courses in Spanish literature and language at Michigan State University. She has been an adjunct professor in two different college/university settings.
Licensed as a spiritual pastor, she has six years of rigorous training at Landmark Education Corporation in communication and leadership/management training.
Peggy’s strong organizational and leadership skills have made her an effective leader, which has shaped her into a caring, compassionate, and empathetic human being. Her ability to see both sides of any issue and her sensitivity have enabled her to be a catalyst for change in people’s lives. Her favored role in coaching is to serve as a bridge for transformation, is assisting her students in gaining a greater understanding and more effective communication to cross any barrier, (e.g. different cultures, different points of view and perspectives.)
Peggy believes in the importance of facilitating cross-cultural communication. She grew up on a farm in West Michigan where she was first introduced to the concept of peoples from varying cultures working together towards common goals. Throughout much of her life, Peggy has had a deep connection to the country of Mexico and helped facilitate the genesis of Landmark Education’s Team Management & Leadership Program (TMLP) in Mexico City.
Peggy believes that people can be whomever they choose, and do whatever they can imagine, which will enable them to have whatever they want, despite any preconceived limitations (ie-chronological age, language barrier). A natural cheerleader and motivator, Peggy’s bold natural enthusiasm and energy will be an asset to anyone’s hopes, dreams, and wishes. With her on your team, you are the Champion!