“Peggy’s coaching has profoundly affected me in diving deep into the repetitive grooves of negative thinking & behaviors which I have been working on for decades. With her laser focus & clarity she has assisted me in changing the core issues I am finally letting go of completely!”


“When I first started seeing Peggy, I was resistant and closed like a fist. By the end of the first meeting, I was amazed at how she had opened my feeling nature. She did it not by prying, but by gently coaxing my intuitive, authentic self to come out. I am always surprised by the “aha” moment I get during each session. Every time I leave after seeing her I feel more empowered, more hopeful and more myself. I feel like a flower that is slowly blossoming, or a hand that is open to receive what life has to offer. Peggy is really good at what she does!” — B.C.


“Peggy is a natural-born coach! She loves people and loves helping them see their “blind spots.” Having been a teacher and social worker for most of her career, and then going through more than eight years of intense training with Landmark Education in both their advanced communication and leadership programs, she brings all of it to the table when she’s coaching. She draws upon the years of experience in the public and private sectors, as a mother, and a friend — to help people break through whatever area is holding them back. If you’re looking to work with a wonderful coach who will push you in a loving way–she’s the one! — Katherine A. McCall, Chief Marketing Officer – iOpening Marketing