Peggy helps her clients to uncover blind spots in order to reinvent their success. Blind spots are ways of being, behaviors, thinking patterns and habits that you don’t know that you don’t know.

With her 20+ years in serving students in the public school system as a teacher and social worker, plus her years of self development training, Peggy draws upon her expertise to help clients with the following:

  • Re-frame ways of thinking and ways of being, consequently, DOING, actually co-creating new identities and new ways of being
  • Create plans of action
  • Problem solve
  • Take new steps and create new Identities

Peggy is an ally and a cheerleader, sometimes “holding your hand”, sometimes “leading the way”, sometimes supporting the client as he or she practices new behaviors, and she is always the client’s Accountability Partner.  She is fluent in Spanish – so if Spanish is the client’s primary or first language, they can be coached in their native language.

Peggy assists clients to create new pathways. these may be neuro-pathways or pathways of action…Actions which are: measurable, attainable, relevant, specific, and time-based. Communication which is focused and directed toward Transformation. This is not the same kind of communication one gets when in discussion with a friend.